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Wensch Product Development B.V.

Wensch Product Development B.V. focuses on the development of industrial products. The company is founded in 2008 and has two different project approaches. Firstly, we develop together with our customers their products, like medical equipment. Secondly we define our own projects, whereby products and know-how are being sold under license. Our focus is on commercial cleaning machines and examples are iMop Lite and X1 mop. All our projects are innovative and the products are manufacturable. We have extensive experience in managing the complete product development process and our core specialty are injection molded products and it molds.
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X1 mop

The X1 mop is a micro srubber and it’s designed for the daily cleaning of small to medium sized objects. The X1 mop meets the highest standards of quality, performance and sustainability. Unique feature of the cleaning machine is the aluminum space frame. This result the X1 mop is lightweight yet robust construction that can withstand the demands of daily use in commercial and industrial settings. Crafted with precision, to garantuee durabilty and minimum operational costs. Another unique feature is the battery connection platform. Customers can choose their own battery system. Wensch is owner of the intellectual properties and has protect the know-how. The X1 mop is patented by Wensch and being worldwide sold under license by Excentr B.V. from The Netherlands and Cleanfix AG from Switzerland.
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